A Legendary, unofficial Elsie Group History

--by steve w, based upon pictures and hearsay accounts: akin to truth...

Sometime before the last Turn of the Centuries, and because they knew the way, the founders of the Left Coast HOn30 group (the LCHON30, or Elsie Group) gathered in the former Capital of the late great State of California, San Jose.

Legend has it the Elsie group really began getting it all together in earnest that sunny day in Keith Wandry's driveway. Without any working HOn30 modules to run trains on, they mainly talked, ate, drank, and talked some more until they had 'formed' the Elsie group, agreeing the LEAST organization is best, along with agreeing some Physical and Electrical Modular Standards based on earlier Modular groups was a good start.

Probably the First Elsie Precept became: "Let's have fun running little trains!"

Maybe the Second Guiding Principle was: "It doesn't matter WHAT Your module depictss, as long as your C70 mainline is 6.875" from the back, 3" from the sides, has a gap 4" from the left, has a switched Red & Blue cab, and you don't short the main. Plus, it probably should be no more than PG rated."

Maybe their Third Principle was: "We will consume no food before it is cooked/ready, and try to leave no leftovers." This is better known as the "All sausage is eaten? GOOD!" principle.

And maybe their Fourth Principle became: "We don't need/want no officers. We will share whatever work needs to be done."

Maybe their tacit/unofficial Fifth Precept: "I always help my fellow Elsies acheive the Second Principle with both encouraging and helpful words and deeds. I will not slight anyone who tries, no matter how lame their ideas seem now, someday these may become Standards!" (ouch! - Editor)

Based upon their actions, it seems the Official Mantra of the Elsie Group, may be something like:

Cook the Meat,
Eat the Meat,
Let's Have fun, and
Run Little Trains!

It is also thought by this author (anyone else in their Right Brain/Mind?) at that meeting (or PDQ thereafter) the Elsie group adopted their Guiding Symbol, Bovinus Illuminatus:

Bovinus Illuminatus,the C.O.W. that Lights The Way (to the BBQ, of course), symbolizes the 3 Original States of the Elsie Union: California, Oregon, and Washington.

Unfortunately (maybe?) perhaps someone realized Elsie members from Arizona, Europe and other states of mind joined (or maybe were original members?). Alas, it was too late: the C.O.W.s had already come home to roost (Mooing as they usually do). Since the die had been cast (using lost wax, of course), well, that's just tuff patooties...

Since their first meeting that Sunny day, the Elsie group has gathered several other times to join modules, eat, drink, and enjoy running little trains: twice in Bakerfield (rumoured to be their Spiritual Chakra or Center, because that is where the best Sausage comes from?),Knight's Landing, San Luis Obispo, Salt Lake City, and so on.

The Elsie Group is always open to all fun HOn30 lovers. The Elsie group even has several Rubber-gaugers: one of Siles Bazerman's current modules includes HOn2-- other members also enjoy HOn3, HO, On3 and 7.5" gages, et al.

Although Vegetarians may not be happy with our menus, even they are welcome to join, as long as they bring fun to our group. Besides, their presence would leave more meat for the rest of us.

Although Vegetarians may not be happy with our menus, even they are welcome, so long as they bring some fun to our group. Besides, that leaves more meat for the rest of us!

Well, that's enough Elsie History: Let's Roll (little trains)!

CONSUMER WARNING: This account of Elsie history may contain but is not limited to numerous inaccuracies of fact or fiction, but who cares? Any/all corrections submitted will probably end up being mis-quoted, or maybe not incorporated:
so,Enjoy, Eat, Run trains, write your own history.

note: This Material is Copywronged, 2/19/02, by steve wesolowski
Any resemblance to Higher Truth, either living or gratefully dead, MUST be a typographical error. Well, oops.

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