About the Left Coast (LC) or West Coast HOn30 group

This Left Coast email list is organized to promote HOn30 model railroading on the West Coast.
Most members of this group live in California, Oregon and Washington (hence, the COW herald of the LC group). However, other active members live in Arizona, Germany, and further East to include the "Land Down Under". There is no module owner discrimination on the list, except when actual construction experience speaks.

Public meets are held on a semi-regular schedule (January Bakersfield, PCR meet, etc) with additional private (members only) meets held at indivdual's homes. See the Events page for the next scheduled LC Meet.

What is HOn30? Simply stated, HOn30 is HO scale (1/87) narrow gauge rolling stock running on N gauge track. This makes the gauge (distance between the rails) work out to 2 feet (or close enough). It is also known as HOn2 (30 = 2) The n30 has been adopted as it is easier to type.

The trains are smaller than regular HO equipment so many HOn30 modelers build layouts or modules, based on the 2-foot railroads that ran in the Maine, U.S.A. These were about half the size of standard gauge trains, but they still performed a full-size job. Dave Frary and Bob Hayden started modeling the Maine two-footers as HOn2 during the early 1970s when using the Minitrains line of HOn2 models.

If you are looking for FUN in model railroading again, HOn30 Modules are for you and the Left Coast Group is arguably, the best member group.

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